Karl Hormann (My Story)

After studying Finance and graduating from Manhattan College, NY in 1994, I was faced with a career path decision. Either work for the retail brokerage industry, which I already had been interning with at Prudential Securities for the past year, or join the family business. I eventually decided to join my father’s small manufacturing business because he needed my help and I had this feeling inside that I would rather work for myself, then lie to investors selling them stocks they didn’t even really want. So that’s how my life journey began.

Inside the retail brokerage industry I got a glimpse of the truth behind selling stocks and mutual funds. It was all about what pays the brokers the biggest commission, not what was in the best interest for the client. And that’s when I also decided that you must invest for yourself and not trust any financial advisors that are just feeding you the same garbage that their “research” team pumps out to them to sell sell sell to their “book” of clients…. That’s exactly how they viewed their clients, as “the book”. That’s when I kept studying and reading all the information I could get my hands on about investing, business ownership and self help advice.

At that time I also came across Tony Robbins DVD’s that were very inspirational and pushed me to believe in myself and helped me grow our small business. I then grew it from a near bankrupt three man manufacturing company, into a thriving multi-million dollar company with 1,000% increase in sales over the next decade and return on investment higher than that.

With those returns I continued to invest in stocks, commodities, real estate and etf’s to achieve financial independence. Even in 1999 when my wife and I purchased our first home, I always looked for “income” producing property. So I made sure we purchased a two family home with a finished basement for the extra income while we had no children. That was the best decision we could have made, as it helped us to pay down our mortgage much quicker and achieve debt free status within 11 years! What a freedom that was to finally break free from the rat race and be able to invest all your disposable income for your future and not hand it over to the banks!

Years later I came across Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which spoke all about these principles I had learned on my own and knew deep down inside for years. It was great to hear another confirmation of what I had been doing for the past decade.

After the stock market crash of 2000-2001 we obviously saw in spades how the investment professionals outright lied to everyone, to get them to buy and hold these great “must own” stocks, only to see then crash and burn.

Next came the great real estate bubble that sucked in millions of Americans to become home owners, who couldn’t even afford it! And that cycle spurred on flipper’s and newbie investors to the quick rick path of sure profits. At that time I started investing in Gold & Silver because Real Estate just made no sense at the inflated value’s people were paying. And that’s when the private bankers and hedge funds sold off the toxic mortgages into CDO’s (Packaged mortgage bundles) to unsuspecting investors as AAA rated securities! They sold them to pension funds, endowment funds, foreign governments and many more. At the same time the “big money players” were buying insurance or “SWAPS” on these toxic securities and made monster profits as it all came crashing down in 2008 to 2009. In the meantime, clueless flippers and homeowners who used 100% financing became trapped with homes that quickly went underwater and has caused the current foreclosure boom.

As a patient investor, I then swooped in during the spring of 2009 and purchased some rural country land for 1/3 of what the value was from a few years earlier! I purchased it from a failing home builder/flipper that was trapped with losses and tripled my investment in that land over the next two years.

Investing is all about patience, waiting for the “Great Value’s to appear” and jumping in at moment. Investing in Rural land for me was also a form of safety, because it was an escape from the big city’s decaying quality of life. Today, the quality of life in major cities are deteriorating due to the rising costs and lower services that are being offered in return. Here in NY where I live, how does it make sense to raise your school taxes by over 6%/year while at the same time threatening to lay off teachers due to budget constraints! There’s something very wrong with the entire system and it will soon all come crashing down.

This is another reason I started The Bull or Bear Report. It was to wake up the public to the reality of how our governments are slowly fleecing America and what we can do to prepare and come out ahead.

Unfortunately due to our incompetent politicians over the past few decades, our country has been accumulating massive debts that now stand at monstrous un-payable levels. This, along with endless liquidity programs and bond purchasing has caused Gold to increase by 400%+ and silver by over 500% in the past ten years (2002-2012). And this trend will continue compliments of our Federal Reserve which has no choice any longer. So while citizens of the United States toil and work for these Fiat Paper dollars, the Central Banks around the world are churning out Boat Loads of Fiat Paper Cash to pay off the Trillions in dollars of deficit spending that they have no longer have control over! It’s either print and pretend to buy some more time (which risks massive inflation later on), or let the entire system collapse along with the banking system and the currency! Either way it’s game over at this point.

So I have also learned that now we are in a time of survival and capital preservation. Our goal is to diversify our investments and prepare for the eventual dollar collapse before this crisis occurs, which it will.

In late 2009 I started my financial online video blog of the economy, investing and what we can do to PROFIT from the situation and come out ahead after the dollar collapses. As a business owner in the manufacturing and retail world, I saw firsthand months before the financial collapse how corporate demand totally evaporated, which preceded the general economy. And still as President of my company, I continue to have close insight to the commercial business and a pulse on our economy ahead of the Wall Street analysts. I will provide this detailed information to all my subscribers to keep them ahead of the crisis.

At the Bull or Bear Report, you will have access to daily market commentary where I dissect the manipulated news and help to interpret the truth out of it. We will discuss the currency collapse and what we should do to prepare, survive and profit from it.

You will also have access to our proprietary “Market Direction Indicator”. This indicator will issue you an early warning signal when stocks are beginning to turn down based on Volume, Market Buying/Selling strength, Moving averages, # of New highs to New Low’s ratio’s, plus more. It is a valuable tool to let you know when you can stay in equity markets to compound returns, raise some cash, or Get out and stand aside during corrections.

Also included is access to my personal portfolio, how I diversify my portfolio, how you can invest, my favorite must read books and recommended video’s to help you Profit and Stay Ahead of the crisis.

Don’t be another victim to our lying governments and financial advisers looking to just milk as much money out of uninformed investors. Wake up and take charge of your own investments by learning as much as you can from our advisory service and from your own research and analysis and be a smarter investor.

Yours Sincerely,

Karl Hormann