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Sample Report–   Welcome to our Sample Edition of the Bull or Bear Report.  I’d like to thank all my new subscribers for joining us on this journey of surviving and profiting during these tumultuous times.  This Newsletter will give you a taste of what you will receive on a daily basis.  On top of my daily report you also get access to the BTI Trend Signal (Bull or Bear Report Trend Indicator) and loads of information on how to invest, how to construct your portfolio and easy to follow asset allocation strategies.  I walk you though investing made easy so you can be a successful investor.

The first thing to pay attention to in my Advisory Reports is the BTI Main trend of the markets.  As you can see, I put that first and foremost at the top of each report.  This will tell you if it’s safe to have money invested in the markets, when to be cautious and tighten up trailing stops on winners to raise some cash, or when to be out of the markets with high levels of cash.  This is because 80% of stocks move with the primary direction of the trend and you can not fight the trend!

Also realize that a lot of the money being created by the Federal Reserve which is partially being funneled back into the stock market through insurance companies and banks.  As a result markets will be a major beneficiary of the massive inflation wave coming.  Don’t miss this opportunity by being frozen in fear. The key is to invest safely, diversify correctly and have patience.  If you need help don’t delay, as we discuss all these techniques every day at the Bull or Bear


MARKETS–  (Feb 12th 2012, Update Sample here)

So the Nasdaq and Dow end its impressive 7 week rally on Friday both with a loss of -.69% .  But we did see a bit of a bounce higher into the close due to hopes of a weekend Greek debt resolution.

Has the economy really recovered?  By looking at the QQQ chart below we see an impressive rally over the past 7 weeks that has gained +13% , of which all my subscribers have participated in.  To me, it seems that there is massive liquidity pump taking place and this liquidity is finding its way into the markets and economy.  Here in New York I see both residential and commercial construction projects in full swing.  Houses are being renovated, new apartments being sold & commercial properties being completed.  Whether this trend is long lived or temporary  while this liquidity euphoria lasts, time will tell.  That’s why I will be monitoring the situation and advising all of you of any changes in the trends and economy as they occur on a daily basis.

The Market’s look VERY Overbought as we can see from the slight rolling over patterns of the RSI and MACD as they seem to be topping out. Once my “BTI” computer model gives me a caution signal, we will be tightening up all our trailing stops on our Long positions and preparing for a correction. (See section about “Managing Positions”) How long this rally will last is anyone’s guess.
My past experience has taught me that if someone say’s that they know what the markets’ will do in the future, that is pure nonsense. We are living in a time of banking manipulation and fiat money printing to a level that has never been experienced before. So for anyone to know how a market’s or commodity will “exactly” react in the short term based on past performance or historical trends is pure speculation. But we do understand the Fundamental long term consequences of these actions on our currency and economy. And this is why we are saving in Gold & Silver.

CURRENCY– At this time we are seeing global printing of fiat money at unprecedented levels from central banks all around the world! The news you hear on CNBC is only a small fraction of the actual fraud being committed behind closed doors by central banks. That’s why it’s imperative to never save money in Bonds or CD’s earning mere fractions of a percent. In my opinion, the only way to save in replacement of cash is to have your own personal reserve of Gold & Silver physical metals, along with an emergency fund of US Dollars for a minimum of 6 months of your monthly expenses.
Bonds at this point in history are at a generation high and once governments are forced to raise interest rates to attract more capital to continue the insane bailouts, bond values will crash from these unimaginable heights. And this can happen VERY quickly as we saw with the Greek bonds going from manageable levels a year ago, to 100% interest rates in the recent months. That’s why, in my view, Bond’s are extremely dangerous at this point in history and I would advise anyone to not be holding any bonds in their portfolios. The second best thing is to replace them with high grade corporate bond fund etf’s that I have listed in my sample portfolio section.


GOLD/SILVER — Gold looks to be taking a breather after a recent $200 rally, with the markets at these high levels. I have pointed out how Gold is in the process of forming a reverse head and shoulders pattern. Gold has a possibility of pulling back to the $1625-$1650 level where I will personally be taking advantage of to add to my “Core” metals holding position. (Please read section of my site about “Core Positions”) Silver is stuck in this trading range from $28.00-$34.00. I would ideally love to see the shiny white metal break out and CLOSE above $35.00/oz to give it the green light for a continued bull rally.

I break down my purchases of Gold & Silver Physical holdings at 70% Gold & 30% Silver. The key to surviving long term is to diversify you holdings so you can withstand inevitable vicious pullbacks that try to shake off all the bulls. Use these trading ranges to keep accumulating.



So we end the week again with more mystery about how the Greek drama will unfold. In reality, I don’t believe they can allow Greece to leave the Euro and default on their debts. Too many banks have most likely loaned money to European nations under the belief that it was safe investment for the past few years. And a default event would trigger massive losses on the books of these banks starting a domino effect of collapses. MF Global’s collapse was just the tip of the iceburg of things to happen if European nations start to default and leave the Euro. This would NOT be tolerated by Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve Chairman) and Timothy Geitner (Treasury Secretary). They will continue to pump more money into the system to prop up these failed countries and pretend that the global recover is under way. But we all know better and that’s why we keep preparing for the end game.

Dow: was down -89.23 (-.69%) to 12801.23 (Bull Market is still safe above Dow 11,400)
Transports: down -54.95 (-1.04%) to 5254.14
NASDAQ: was down -23.35 (-.80%) to 2903.88
QQQ: was down -.31 (-.49%) to 62.60. Being supported by Apple and big institutional money hiding in that stock.
S&P 500: was down -9.31 (-.69%) to 1342.64
Gold: April Gold was down -6.90 to 1,724.30/oz (bullishly still above $1700/oz)
Silver: March Silver -.321 (-.95%) to 33.569/oz (still waiting for a break out and “close” above $35)
US Dollar Index: up +.473 (+.60%) to 79.125
Decliners beat advancers: in our custom portfolio of +4K widely held stocks: 2.9:1

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